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Casey Hoorelbeke

Casey Hoorelbeke, Technology Consultant

Casey Hoorelbeke

Chief Technology Officer

As leader of the tech department, Casey optimizes remote accessibility with our clients, implements the newest hardware and software for maximum efficiency, and patiently troubleshoots day-to-day to keep us in constant operation.

Casey is a native of Los Angeles and received his bachelor’s degree from Indiana University.  His unique combination of patience under pressure and competitive perseverance is something he developed during his eight years as a professional baseball player. As a relief pitcher in several organizations, including the Dodgers and Mets, he traveled across the country honing his ability to handle stressful situations, learning how to work cohesively with a wide variety of people, and understanding that each challenge requires it’s own unique approach.  As a league-leader in pitching appearances nearly every season he played, it’s clear Casey is not afraid to work!